Colorado State University and USDA – Agricultural Research Service – AEC-ARDEC Farms near Fort Collins, CO

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Colorado State University and USDA- Agricultural Research Service – AEC-ARDEC Farms near Fort Collins, CO


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Comparison tillage trials with moldboard system and Strip-Till at Stroh Farm (Courtesy: Colorado State Univ.)


At the multiple research farms north of Ft. Collins, Colorado are the Stroh and Bee Farms where on-going strip till research with a 6row 1tRIPr tool is being carried out by several research scientists and technicians.  Not only in the past but present day,  tillage system technology with Strip-Till compared to the plow-disk system, other research is looking at nutrient placement for yield enhancement on furrow irrigated fields as well as overhead sprinkler irrigation.  Activities to observe water efficiency, water savings (up to 2 fewer irrigation passes) with ditch water and row-to-row irrigation, using less fertilizer, nitrogen reduction, residue management for wind and water erosion protection, and nutrient product selections.  These studies are carried out in corn on corn, corn following small grain or sugar beets and or dry edible beans.


CSU teamed alongside ARS have designated field events for the public during specific times during the growing season at the Stroh Farm headquarters north of Ft. Collins just off I-25 and south of Wellington, CO.  Studies have been going on the farm since 2004-2006.  The unit is owned by USDA-ARS.


A contact is Erik Wardle, CSU scientist, email:


Stay Tuned for follow-ups with CSU and ARS field efforts and data right here:





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