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Published May 30, 2019 | By Mike Petersen


Mike Petersen here back from a long trip to South Africa, the largest Southern Hemisphere farm show that gave us four beautiful sunny days, few clouds and great crowds coming by to visit, learn, make future decisions and actually place orders for equipment that we at Orthman manufacture as well as the associated John Deere planters.  To us that is exciting and good news, you might say well that is what happens doesn’t it?  Not always, for the most part in the States folks come to chat, kick tires and see if there is some pretty new paint.  For many of the African nation farmers that come, they are on a mission to educate themselves or move forward and get the lads at a specific stand to place the order.


Today as you read this blog I am offering the next in a lineup of Fact Sheets that provide you more information from the soils perspective what I have studied so much of my career looking at soils – Pore Space.  What is the big deal about pores?  Does it matter about size of pores and how many there could be in the upper soil horizons versus down lower in the soil profile?  Oh the answer is – Yes!  Oxygen movement up and down, carbon dioxide exchange, nitrogen in its gaseous forms, retention of water, release of water to the roots, how the microbiological lifeforms exist or not – oh the list goes on.  I offer this fact sheet to discuss some of the physical ramifications of pores.  Please see the attached article. Click on the link below….


Orthman PoreSpace2019




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